My best character, S’renji. Not bad for a cell phone pic, right?

Aaaah! ESO has just been announced for release on PS4 and Xbox One!

Here’s a fun fact:

The Official Strategy Guide for Skyrim Legendary Edition has more words that the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

So, Skyrim’s Legendary Edition was released today. At only 60USD, it’s a pretty good deal for those console players without an internet connection that haven’t been able to get the DLC.
Amazing fanart from Reddit that was just posted to The Elder Scrolls Facebook.

One of the biggest mysteries of the Tamriel is not the disappearance of the Dwemer, but the fact that female Bosmer are taller than males, which is unusual, but no one acknowledges it. In fact, they’re average height, but the race as a whole is considered the shortest. Why?

I’ve been playing Skyrim since its release and I just noticed the icon that is placed on weapons when poisoned. I guess I just never looked in my weapons category after poisoning something to see it.

Waking Dreams makes for a great, portable warehouse since it doesn’t respawn, so you can just drop shit there and access it at nearly anytime from anywhere. Just in case you weren’t aware.

THE ELDER SCROLLS: thisiscolinx: I’m just throwing this out there because I was just...




I’m just throwing this out there because I was just debating it with Lauren. Keep in mind it’s just my opinion.

Khajiit is easily the worst race in Skyrim

Well, if you’re playing a stealth character, they’re easily one of the best. Where as Bosmer make great snipers,…

Here’s the argument that I gave when I originally posted this. It addresses a lot of the points that you made. I just wanted to make it clear that there was actually some thought behind what I said, and that I wasn’t just randomly hating on one of the races :)

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I still have to disagree. As far as Night Eye goes, it is useful on default settings. Personally, I’m really annoyed if the brightness is turned up because it looks like you’re hiding in a well-lit area and remain hidden when sneaking in the “shadows”, but I’m a big fan of the game Thief: Deadly Shadows which was a big inspiration for the stealth system in Oblivion, and has some pretty dark ass shadows.

And while brawls rarely end with you having low health, it still takes a good amount of time to slowly chip away at the opponent’s. Being a Khajiit simply saves you significant time in these circumstances, or maybe I’m just that impatient. Again, I always start with a Khajiit, so going to non-Khajiit characters is damn painful when I find myself in a brawl.

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Khajiit are definitely my fav and have been since I started playing Morrowind.

Well, I actually picked Bosmer first, but made him a mage and it wasn’t the best route for discovering The Elder Scrolls at the age of like 13. Eventually, I made a Khajiit assassin (named V’naar, which was an early, naive attempt at being lore-accurate) and found out that I fucking love stealth characters and I got pretty far with him.