Dunmer Naming Guide

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Dunmer names are pretty easy, but are kinda complex. Since we had a game set in their homeland, we know a great deal about their culture, and Dunmer belong to one of several Great Houses. In the game, only three of these houses had any prominence on Vvardenfell, the island district of Morrowind in which the game took place, so those are the ones we know most about. The great thing is that these houses give you a number of surnames to use to assign your Dunmer to one of them, thereby giving your character a small bit of back story right off the bat.

Another option is to make you character an Ashlander, or a tribal Dunmer from Vvardenfell’s ashen wastes that have unique kind of names. They live in remote camps of animal skin tents and have a complex culture based around a Wise Woman and the tribal leader, the Ashkhan with his two champion, the Gulakhans.

Before we get to that, let’s get first names out of the way first.

Like most races, creating a Dunmer name relies on simply becoming familiar with what a Dunmer name sounds like, so to help you out, here are the common sounds:


  • House: v, r, m, n, d, b, l, s, g and th, hl, ll clusters
  • Ashlander: b, h, s, l, m, n, d, z, y


  • House: a, y (I see no example of y as a consonant),o 
  • Ashlander: a, i, u, ae

Here are some examples of names. It’s important to note that Ashlander names tend to be quite long:

House (Male):

  • Arvs Raram
  • Banor Seran
  • Dalvus Helothran
  • Gilyn Drobar

House (Female):

  • Gandosa Arobar
  • Llaros Uvayn
  • Hlevala Madalvel
  • Melsu Indalas

Ashlander (Male):

  • Ababael Timsar-Dadisun
  • Zallay Subaddamael
  • Sakin Sanammasour
  • Yenammu

Ashlander (Female):

  • Mamaea
  • Yan-Ahhe Darirnaddunumm
  • Hairan Mannanalit
  • Sonummu Zabamat

Now, to explain the house system in the non-tribal Dunmer. I will only focus on the three main houses from Vvardenfell because those are the ones that have enough information available to make a list.

The Houses:

  1. Hlaalu- Stealth-oriented. The most accepting of Imperial influence in Vvardenfell, using it as an opportunity for profitable trade with the rest of the Empire. They are shrewd diplomats and traders, largely valuing social skills above all others. Behind the scenes, they are involved in smuggling and drug trafficking largely through the criminal organization known as the Camonna Tong which hold a great unseen influence on the innerworkings of the house.
  2. Redoran- Combat-oriented. They live by a strict code of honor: Duty, Gravity, and Piety. They are highly loyal to traditional ways and their families, and have a grim view of life as being difficult, and thus should be taken seriously. They build their settlements with traditional materials— the shells of giants insects— focused around the local temple and a central plaza.
  3. Telvanni- Magic-oriented. The Telvanni are isolationist wizard lords that sprout magical towers from the ground from mushrooms that lack stairs and require levitation to navigate. They associate wisdom with power and power with rightfulness, or in other words, the believe the more powerful you are, the more you’ve earned dominion over others. Before it became illegal, Telvanni were the staunchest defenders of slavery. They are also the least accepting of Imperial influence. While they don’t generally care to practice the local religion and customs, they disdain interference with their own practices. When left alone, they are generally neutral on political matters focusing more on study.

Now, each house has a number of families within it, so each surname is associated with one of the houses. While no comprehensive list exists, you can see what members surnames are in these, as well as more examples for first names, and further up the page, read more about each house:




And, more info for Ashlanders.

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